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Website Designer

Website Designer

Back in March 2017, my husband started his own construction company.   I was automatically in charge of all business functions including digital marketing.  At first I created a free google website, but it was flat and had little pizazz.   He needed a real website, which I built and I discovered a passion for website design.  Websites are not only a great marketing tool, they make a small business stand out and look credible.  The customer is more savvy than ever and they go online to get information.  If your company is not online, you limit your growth potential.  


Building and designing the website is the first step. Some people will know exactly what they want; I can build that. Some people do not have a clue what they want, but I can help guide them to a website design that will stand out from the competition.  

Getting your website found is the most important step. It does not matter if you have the best looking website if it does not rank high on the search engines. Optimizing your website is really what you are paying for, but this does not happen over night and this is why I support your website for the first year. 

My experience will benefit you by making your website come to life in a simple and easy Website Design process.

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